Lingqi Zhang

Hi, this is Lingqi, wellcome to my website!

I am a second-year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania working with Alan Stocker and David Brainard in the Department of Psychology and the Computational Neuroscience Initiative.

I did my undergraduate in Computer Science, at Southern University of Science and Technology, which is newly established in 2011 at Shenzhen, China. (Short story about our university)

Previously I worked at Multisensory Perception Lab at University of California, Los Angeles with Professor Ladan Shams, where I study the computational principle behind multisensory integration (Bayesian causal inference). I've also spent some time working with Professor Jeffrey Erlich at New York University Shanghai, learning computational modeling of rodents behavior.

Research Interests

I’m interested in how the brain works from a computational perspective. Using engineering tools and ideas such as Bayesian Inference, Information Theory and Reinforcement Learning, we can formalize normative principles governing perception, cognition, and goal-directed behavior, which in turn provide us with testable predictions at both behavioral and implementation (physiological) level. Conversely, by observing the how minds and machines solve the same problem differently, I ask questions about how insights into brain and human behavior could inform the research of artificial intelligence.

  • Computational Neuroscience

  • Computational Cognitive Science

  • Bayesian Statistics

  • Reinforcement Learning


Despite being deeply intrigued by the mystery of the brain, I still keep some of the engineer part of myself :) I'm interested in Probabilistic Programming Language and generally Functional Programming, and also parallel programming such as CUDA. I'm also interested in Philosophy of Mind such as the “hard problem of consciousness”.